Michael Jackson’s influence on fashion

Whether you loved him or hated him, everyone knew Michael Jackson and he most likely impacted your life in some way or another. Not only was he credited with breaking down multiple barriers in the music industry, he was also a renowned style-icon to some.

Most of Michael Jackson’s iconic looks were introduced during the 1980’s: both his “Thriller” and “Beat It” jackets making an appearance in 1982-1983, his signature cropped pants in 1983, the white glove and military jacket in 1984, and the white suit paired with a fedora in 1987.

I remember watching his “Thriller” video as a kid and thinking it was so cool, but now looking back as an adult I am wondering just WHAT was he wearing and what was Ola Ray, the female lead, wearing? High waisted pants? I understand that both looks were HOT in 1983, but trying to make a comeback now? Hmmm….interesting.

Thriller-Michael-JacksonRihanna Thriller jacketHigh waisted trouser

From left to right: “Thriller” video, Rihanna in red leather jacket, high waisted trousers.

Although I did not own a “Beat It” leather jacket or a glittery white glove, I am sure you or someone you know owned at least one of these signature items.


From left to right: “Beat It” video, white glove.

Even Michael Jackson’s military-inspired jackets are being seen on today’s runways. Not such a bad look when paired with slim jeans.

MJ military jacketBalmain military jacket

From left to right: MJ military jacket, Balmain Spring 2009.

Even in the Gucci Spring 2009 fashion show, another one of Michael Jackson’s iconic looks hit the runways. So, if you’re into military jackets, white suits or even wearing white socks with cropped pants, and whether it is 1983 or 2009, it looks like Michael Jackson’s style will have a lasting impression on fashion.

Michael Jackson white suitGucci white suit

From left to right: MJ white suit with fedora, Gucci Spring 2009.


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  • Robin says:

    trop cool !! I like the military jacket with some pair of nice jeans. I think his style will be in our mind for ever. :)

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