For the love of leather! M0851 in Paris

M0851 storeWhen I moved to Paris almost two years ago, I had a hard time giving up what I knew best: brands that I had known and loved for years and the familiarity of walking into a boutique where everyone knew you. It’s as though I had created a relationship with these brands and we were breaking up! Strange, I know, but when you’re moving to a city where style and fashion are the two keywords used to describe the City of Lights, you want to be ready to play the game. You want to hit all the trendy boutiques and cool arrondissements, and yet maintain your own sense of style! Demanding? Yes. Impossible? No.

As I was walking around one day, I discovered the sweetest thing: an M0851 boutique in P-A-R-I-S. I could not help myself but go in to browse and smell that sweet leathery smell that I loved so much.

To some of my Canadian readers you most likely still refer to it as Rugby or Rugby North America. Some of you probably owned their leather school bags – looking back it was incredibly uncomfortable since the straps were not plush and foamy, but the leather was all so buttery – that came adorned with the key chain. Till this day I can still hear the sound of that key chain as it would hit against the other metal parts of my school bag.

M0851 coatsFrom those early days of initiation, I have since purchased many-o-items and can safely say that I have a small M0851 section in my closet, including various skirts, pants, bags, jackets and coats, and last but not least my fave: the parka, which changed my Canadian winters forever!

M0851’s products are defined by smooth, clean, simple and modern lines; just what I like. Known for their fine leather goods, and sometimes eye-catching colors, M0851 designs both men’s and women’s apparel, as well as bags and accessories. The Parisian boutique, located in the 6th arrondissement at 63 rue des Saints-Pères, carries the M0851 collection of coats, jackets, bags and accessories. I was so proud of my Canadian roots when one day I spotted some of their leather goods at Le Bon Marché, the Rive Gauche’s upscale shopping center, and thought to myself, “Hey…they made it!”

M0851 bags and accessories


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