Fall 2009’s Hottest Hue: Purple

Without a doubt, purple is this season’s hottest color, and I love it! You are seeing it everywhere in its varying tints and shades, from mauve to plum to violet. And it comes in all forms: dresses, skirts, shoes, purses, jewelry and the list goes on! For you fashion-forward people who can not live without it, or for those of you who simply want to add one key or accent piece, here are some tips on how to wear purple and how to incorporate it into your existing wardrobe.

Who Can Wear It

Tints and Shades of PurpleIf you are wondering whether or not you can wear this color, the simple answer is yes. Anyone can wear purple, it just depends on your skin tone and what kind of image you want to project. By definition, violet (i.e. purple) is a cool color. Therefore, people whose overall features (skin, eyes and hair) are defined as cool or have a combination of both warm and cool features, can easily wear this color in its varying tints and shades. As a general rule, try to avoid the lighter and light violets, as you will looked washed out. On the other hand, people who are defined as having warmer features (i.e darker eyes, hair and skin) should stick to light, medium and dark violets but try to avoid the darker violets, as the overall look will be somewhat drastic.

How to Incorporate It

If Cream-coat-finalpurple is not your favorite but are willing to try it out, why not consider incorporating it as an accent piece? Accessories are an easy way of introducing this color, and for that sake any color, into your wardrobe. Start off small with a scarf, shawl, or gloves. It’s a minimum investment on your part, so if you decide you do not like purple and prefer to stick to your tried, tested and true color(s), then you will not have any major regrets.

If you are a little more daring  and have a soft spot for purple, then there are plenty of items you can choose from this season. From shoes to tops to dresses, the choice is endless.

What to Wear with It

Cardigan-finalPurple can be worn with a variety of colors, including brown, black, grey, and white. Feeling bold? Why not pair purple with yellow, red, orange, or green accessories. For a ultra sophisticated daytime look, think about wearing a pencil skirt with a crisp white shirt, a long cardigan and add a splash of color with an olive-colored purse.

So, there you have it, Fall 2009’s hottest hue! Hope you will enjoy it as much as I will.


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