Triangular? How to Dress for Your Body Type

triangleIn this second installment, I will be focusing on the triangular body type with tips on how to determine if this is your figure, as well as examples on what to wear and what to avoid.

Am I Triangular?

The triangular body type, also known as pear, is the most common of all shapes. Typically, your shoulders are narrower than your hips, thighs and butt. You have an average bust size, narrow back and smaller waist. You have straight upper body lines and your lower body is curvy, therefore making you look bottom heavy.

How To Create Balance?

Ultimately, you want to minimize your lower body and emphasize your upper torso. This can be achieved by wearing darker colors on the bottom and brighter colors on top. By broadening your shoulders, you will balance your hips, so look for tops with wide collars, bateau, cowl, or square necklines, or tops with puffy sleeves. Draw attention up towards your face with necklaces, scarves and earrings. Wearing epaulets is another way for you to broaden your shoulders. Look for jackets that fall above the hips, and coats with belts to define your waist.

In terms of bottoms, look for darker-colored pants, skirts and jeans. As noted in a previous post, bootcut pants or jeans are the best fit for the triangular body type, as the slightly wider leg opening provides balance to your curvier hips and thighs. Look for A-line and flared skirts or skirts with pleats in the center front, which will draw attention away from your fuller hips.  In terms of dresses, look for empire waist and wrap dresses, these will look great on you.

What to Avoid?

Try to avoid bold patterns and lighter colors on the bottom. Stay away from any form of detail at the hip-line, whether it be flap pockets on pants or jeans, side pockets, or backside embellishments. Do try to avoid pencil and full skirts, as well as skinny pants. When looking for pants, do not wear ones that fit your waist and end up being too tight around your hips and thighs. Instead, opt for ones that fit the hips and have the waist altered.

Happy shopping!


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