Inverted Triangle? How to Dress for Your Body Type

inverted-triangleFor the third post in this series, I will be looking at the inverted triangle body type with tips on how to determine if this is your figure, as well as examples on what to wear and what to avoid.

Am I An Inverted Triangle?

The inverted triangle silhouette typically has wider shoulders, and narrower hips and thighs. Your have an average to larger bust, a wider back and a larger waist. You have a flat butt and slim legs. Generally speaking, you have rounded upper body lines and straight lower body lines, making you look top heavy.

How To Create Balance?

Seeing as though you have wider shoulders, you want to minimize your upper torso to create balance with your narrower hips and thighs. An easy way to achieve this is to consider wearing darker colors on top and lighter colors on the bottom. Focus will be on your lower half, therefore creating balance and proportion with your wider upper half.

Halter, sleeveless and tops with wider straps are a good way to give the impression of narrower shoulders and focus the attention inwards. Creating a center-body focal point with a scarf or necklace, and choosing raglan styles to create sloping lines are other ways to minimize your wider shoulders. Choose tops with low to medium-low necklines. To enhance an inverted triangle’s narrower hips and thighs, look for peplum jackets or swing styles to add hipline fullness, therefore creating proportion with your straighter upper body lines. Wear belted coats that flare from the waist down, but make sure there is minimal detail on top.

Flared or gathered skirts in somewhat crisp fabrics will add needed volume to your narrow bottom. A-line and full skirts are other options to be considered as well. In terms of pants, look for flared styles as the wider bottoms will balance your wider shoulders/narrow hips and thighs. Backside pockets are a great way to add extra volume to your flat butt, as are cargo pockets. Look for dresses, pants and coats that have side pockets; it will instantly enhance your bottom. Do look for dresses that have a fuller hemline, that cinch you at the waist, or that flare out from the waist down.

What To Avoid?

In terms of tops, try to avoid puffed sleeves, wide ruffled collars, strapless styles and small straps, as all these styles will only accentuate your wider shoulders. Avoid shoulder details, such as epaulets and shoulder pads. Avoid skinny jeans and pants. Be sure to not wear pants or skirts with that are baggy below the butt (i.e. harem pants), as they will further flatten your backside. Do have pants and skirts altered for a better fit.

Happy shopping!


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