Apple? How to Dress for Your Body Type

appleFor the fifth part in this series, I will be focusing on the apple body type, as well as giving you tips on what to wear and what not to wear.

Am I An Apple?

Apple body types carry most of their weight in the torso area, meaning you have a wider midriff and an undefined waist. You have an average to large bust and wider shoulders. Your legs are slim and you have a flat butt. You have a top heavy appearance and your overall body lines are rounded.

How To Create Balance?

Ideally, you want to lead attention inward at the waist and up towards your face. This can easily be achieved by wearing V-necks, as this type of neckline will not only draw attention to your bust and face, but will also elongate your upper body. Think of wearing dark colors like black, brown, grey and navy as a monochromatic look, which will make you appear slimmer. Look for tops, dresses, sweaters and shirts that emphasize the thinnest part of your waist. For instance, empire styles are a good option for apples, as it will camouflage your rounder tummy yet emphasize your thinner areas. Look for tops that are fitted, as well as tops that fall below the hip area. When it comes to jackets and coats, do look for single-breasted styles, as they will flatter your curvier upper body.

In terms of bottoms, look for flared, straight or wide leg pants and jeans. All of these styles will help to balance your body. A-line and circle skirts are also great options for the apple shaped body. And, as always, do consider wrap tops and dresses, as they will skim over your body and create the illusion of a waist.

Things To Avoid

Try to avoid shoulder details, such as shoulder pads, wide lapels or horizontal collars. Avoid front closure styles, pleats, trouser pockets and bold belts. Stay away from baggy clothes and tops that are too tight, as both will only make you appear larger. Lastly, avoid double-breasted jackets and coats, as this style will add extra volume to your fuller upper body.

Happy shopping!


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