What Can A Personal Stylist Do For Me?

Shopping bagsI am often asked “What is a personal stylist? And how does a consultation unfold?”. As a personal stylist, I help people figure out what clothing items best suit their particular body type, while keeping in mind certain aspects of their life, such as their lifestyle, age, budget, profession etc.

Initial consultation

All consultations start off the same, that is to say with an initial consultation where I meet with the client to get to know them better. We discuss everything from their likes and dislikes to their budget and goals, do a full body analysis, as well as color analysis, to ultimately determine their silhouette. This will allow me to make the best clothing choices based on their lifestyle, budget and body type.

Wardrobe analysis

The next step is the wardrobe analysis where we go through the client’s current wardrobe to determine which clothing items need to be updated, added or purged. I will also rearrange their closet according to clothing clusters, which will allow the client to effortlessly choose what to wear on a daily basis.


After the wardrobe analysis comes the pre-shopping for the client. Having gathered all the necessary details, I will go pre-shopping for the client where I will choose several clothing items and accessories based on the information gathered during the initial consultation.

Shopping with client

As a final step, I will go shopping with the client, where they will try on all items selected during the pre-shopping.

What I described above is the full package. You can also customize your package by choosing certain services that are of interest to you or that fit your budget. Additional suggestions can also be provided, such as a hairdresser, seamstress, make-up artist etc, if the client does not already have such resources.

Feel free to contact me at amanda@skoda.ca or www.twitter.com/amandaskoda for pricing and more information!


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