Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas for the guy in your life? Here are a few ideas to help get you started this holiday season!

The “It’s-For-You-But-Really-For-Me-Too” Gift

Probably my favorite category, this kind of gift is really for the two of you. Why not consider taking wine tasting or cooking classes together, or tickets to an upcoming concert or show? How about planning a small weekend getaway or even booking a massage for two? Smartbox has a lot of great gift ideas, so just select your country and plan away! And last but not least, lingerie also falls into this category!!

From left to right: Smartbox, and Aubade bra and underwear

The Techie Gift

There are a ton of techie gifts to choose from, whether it is a new laptop, Blackberry, IPhone, TV, camera, or even a USB key. Just make sure he does not already own it and that he actually has a need for it. Check out the TIME’s Tech Buyer’s Guide 2009 for more ideas.

The Safe Gift

Ok, ladies you know what I am talking about here. The safe gift, otherwise known as a tie, belt, sweater, watch or cufflinks, are, well, safe. You know he is going to like it and wear it, so you keep going back to it year after year. And why not! Here are some suggestions to get you warmed up!



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