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Beautiful Mackage Coats Now in Paris

Women's puffys

I was pleasantly surprised last week when I received an email from Canadian coat designer Mackage, announcing they had just opened a new boutique in Paris. Located just around the corner from my favorite Canadian-born M0851, I could not help myself but go check out this latest addition to the chic Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood.

Women's coatAs would be expected, this small boutique is filled with A LOT of coats. The collection includes both men’s and women’s outerwear, and I am pretty sure you will be quite pleased with the selection – I know I was. In the past, Mackage’s coats could only be found in multi-brand boutiques, however that changed recently when they opened their very first pop-up boutiques in NYC in the fall of 2009. And they have now expanded their reach into the European market with their first boutique in Paris. Mackage’s beautiful and unique designs are what sets them apart in this competitive market.

Men's outerwearThe women’s fall/winter collection consists of leather jackets, puffys and flat wool coats, some of which are accented with big chunky belts that will create and define any waist. Colors include off white, black, brown and pewter. My personal favorite is the Julia wool coat….classic and simple yet SO stylish! The men’s collection is just as nice, and includes leather jackets, puffys, sheepskin and flat wool coats. Their sleek designs are perfect for the guy who prefers a slimmer cut. I love the Neil-S coat and its removable knit collar. Mackage does have an online store, although they currently only deliver to Canada and the USA.

Next time you are in the 6th, make sure you check out this boutique – it is definitely worth the detour!

Mackage men's and women's outerwear


Your Fashion Fix From Pretty Ballerinas

Pretty Ballerinas Emergency PackWe have all been there before and more than once I am sure. That is: buy a gorgeous pair of heels for a special occasion to only want to yank them off a few hours later. And then you wonder, Oh why oh why do I keep doing this to myself?

Pretty Ballerinas came up with a fun solution to your problem, a “Fashion Emergency Pack”. “Open only when your heels are killing you”, this vacuum sealed emergency pack consists of flexible metallic silver ballerinas that will surely match any outfit. I like this back up plan!

The fashion emergency pack can be purchased online and will also be available as of March 1, 2010 at their Montreal, QC boutique.


Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Furry Friends

BelleDo you have a furry friend? What are you planning on getting them this year? Those of us who have a dog or cat know how much fun it is to watch them “unwrap” their gifts. Our family dog used to rule Christmas morning. Who knew that shredding wrapping paper was a form of self-entertainment or that sniffing out her own toys and assisting others in opening their presents would make her day? And yes, she too had her very own Christmas outfit!

Here are some fun and fashionable finds for your furry friends this holiday season.

Happy shopping!


Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

You know it even before heading out into the wild what you are going to have to deal with: the craziness that comes with Christmas shopping! So, before you go out there, why not read this list and even check it twice, cause who knows, maybe you will come up with some naughty and nice gift ideas of your own!

The “It’s-For-You-But-Really-For-Me-Too” Gift

Gifts for two are always fun. You are happy, she is happy – what could be better than that? Is the lady in your life into sports? How about getting Formula 1 tickets to a foreign destination, like Kuala Lumpur or Turkey? Not only would you both be discovering a new city together, but you would also be enjoying your love of sports. If it is just for fun or to help keep you in shape, the Wii Fit also makes a great gift-for-two. Or maybe you would like something a little more daring? Exotic dance classes may be what you are looking for!


From left to right: Formula 1, Wii Fit

The Techie Gift

Busy woman on-the-go? Netbooks are great due to their small size, so she can stay connected wherever she goes. If she needs something a little bigger and with more functions, the new Macbook is fantastic. I love my fashionable white (gasp) Macbook! It is sleek, not too big or heavy to carry around, and well, it is an Apple product, need I say more? And to top it off, haven’t you noticed I blog more since I got it? Also, check out Harper’s Bazaar High Tech Gift for Women for more ideas.

From left to right: Macbook, Dell netbook

The Safe Gift

Safe gifts are that: safe. We are rarely disappointed and always have a good use for these items in our everyday lives. Consider a colorful shawl, gloves for the colder weather, or even the latest must-have purse. For something a little more romantic, why not buy her jewelry or maybe perfume? Is she a tea fanatic? How about a fashionable tea set by Paul Smith or Fortnum & Mason?

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Happy shopping!


Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas for the guy in your life? Here are a few ideas to help get you started this holiday season!

The “It’s-For-You-But-Really-For-Me-Too” Gift

Probably my favorite category, this kind of gift is really for the two of you. Why not consider taking wine tasting or cooking classes together, or tickets to an upcoming concert or show? How about planning a small weekend getaway or even booking a massage for two? Smartbox has a lot of great gift ideas, so just select your country and plan away! And last but not least, lingerie also falls into this category!!

From left to right: Smartbox, and Aubade bra and underwear

The Techie Gift

There are a ton of techie gifts to choose from, whether it is a new laptop, Blackberry, IPhone, TV, camera, or even a USB key. Just make sure he does not already own it and that he actually has a need for it. Check out the TIME’s Tech Buyer’s Guide 2009 for more ideas.

The Safe Gift

Ok, ladies you know what I am talking about here. The safe gift, otherwise known as a tie, belt, sweater, watch or cufflinks, are, well, safe. You know he is going to like it and wear it, so you keep going back to it year after year. And why not! Here are some suggestions to get you warmed up!


What Can A Personal Stylist Do For Me?

Shopping bagsI am often asked “What is a personal stylist? And how does a consultation unfold?”. As a personal stylist, I help people figure out what clothing items best suit their particular body type, while keeping in mind certain aspects of their life, such as their lifestyle, age, budget, profession etc.

Initial consultation

All consultations start off the same, that is to say with an initial consultation where I meet with the client to get to know them better. We discuss everything from their likes and dislikes to their budget and goals, do a full body analysis, as well as color analysis, to ultimately determine their silhouette. This will allow me to make the best clothing choices based on their lifestyle, budget and body type.

Wardrobe analysis

The next step is the wardrobe analysis where we go through the client’s current wardrobe to determine which clothing items need to be updated, added or purged. I will also rearrange their closet according to clothing clusters, which will allow the client to effortlessly choose what to wear on a daily basis.


After the wardrobe analysis comes the pre-shopping for the client. Having gathered all the necessary details, I will go pre-shopping for the client where I will choose several clothing items and accessories based on the information gathered during the initial consultation.

Shopping with client

As a final step, I will go shopping with the client, where they will try on all items selected during the pre-shopping.

What I described above is the full package. You can also customize your package by choosing certain services that are of interest to you or that fit your budget. Additional suggestions can also be provided, such as a hairdresser, seamstress, make-up artist etc, if the client does not already have such resources.

Feel free to contact me at or for pricing and more information!


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